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The house is so quiet right now. Dan is having trouble with sleeping at night, he gets into these stress modes with school, and cannot sleep until 5 am, and then the next night he can't sleep until the wee hours of the morning because he's thrown off his sleeping schedule. The dog (Molly) is on steroids, so she is thirsty all the time, and has to pee every two hours, and she goes to his side of the bed demanding to be let out, so last night I deliberately slept lightly so that I could hear her if she needed to get out. I always sleep light during those few days a month anyway, but still, I like to think I'm being noble. Usually I hear nothing all night, but at 7 am I'm up and raring to go for the day. Today I slept in until 8 :) a luxury.

Naomi got off to VA last night on her flight safely. It was a much better scene for us. The night before we stood facing each other through an exit door bawling our eyes out. The kindly security guard held the door open so we could talk, and we just cried and cried. Then they annouced that they overbooked her flight, and she jumped at the chance to stay an extra day. They gave her $400.00 in flight coupons, a free meal at the airport, and a cab ride to and from the house. We had a fantastic cab driver, too. Usually rude is the operating word. His name is Mohammed,(big driver, major city) and he's from Egypt. He has his Masters in History from Cairo University. He's been trying for 3 years to get into the Sloan Program at MIT, and he wants to open his own Import/Export business. He was just suck a friendly, nice man, we were both pleasantly surprised. You can bet that if Dan and I need to go somewhere by cab, I'm going to be calling Mohammed up again. He's a lot less expensive than livery, and really, REALLY knows his way around the area.

So, what did we do with Naomi while she was here.

1. We HUGGED! It was great.
2. We went to this dive of a restaurant in East Boston called Great Chef. It was hilarious, the guy threw Dan's Platinum Am Ex back at him after using it. They would break out into song while cooking, and when we were giving our orders, the guy who took our order was talking under his breath in urgent tones. We laughed so hard and had so much fun there.
3. I worked the grocery store equivalent of black Friday. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Lets just say I have sympathy for people who work in grocery on that day.
4. Thanksgiving happened. The food that I said I served ( didn't prepare) was food that I bought pre-prepared. I just warmed it up! Very easy, very yummy, and I'm quite hooked on these new flavors now.
5. Friday I took Naomi and her friend Jessica out shopping in the afternoon. We deliberately didn't partake in the early morning door buster craziness, but we did have a ton of fun. We went to downtown crossing, and went to Filenes Basement, where I found a blouse marked for sale at $20.00 that rang up for $5.00 to go with my long black skirt that I bought there the week before. I was so happy! Then we went upstairs where the girls picked out a beautiful Jerry Garcia tie for Dan that has a lot of blues in it. I asked the lady if she had a coupon that we could use, and she did, and we got another 20% off the sale price! I was really pumped on the sale price discount, and was feeling really good about it. Then we went to Aldo, and looked at shoes. I was looking at these boring black flats that I could slip my orthotics into and still be comfortable for the Christmas Party this friday at Endicott house, but I couldn't find one that I liked. I ended up finding one of those really cool jeweled flats in a shade of pink that matched my $5.00 blouse perfectly. They were on sale at $14.00. I got my entire Christmas Formal outfit for less than $50.00. And I got things that I'll wear again! We then headed off to Macy's and looked at purses there. Naomi has Coach bag lust. Then we hopped on the train and headed off to Pru and shopped around there for a while, eventually ending up at Copley center and Neiman Marcus where I waffled on the Laura Mercier makeup set for the holiday. They gave us all makeovers, and I ended up buying myself an eyeshadow duo instead (bamboo). I also bought Naomi this cool bronzer that the makeup artist used on her eyes too. Those were the only things that we bought that day that weren't at least 20% off. Of course they were makeup, and that was fun. I was very proud of myself for getting two Christmas presents taken care of. I also have definite ideas for Christmas Presents for Naomi now, and Aaron and Hannah. I get to see them all at Christmas!!!!!!! YES!

6. Saturday rolled around, and Dan finished his term paper for his Business Law class, and Naomi and I went to Harvard Square where she wanted badly to go to Urban Outfitters. I let her wander around while I played with the Napoleon Dynamite merchandise, and read the funny books. Then it snowed a little bit, it was so peaceful to watch the flakes come down. It was waay too warm to have the snow accumulate, but still it was lovely. We dressed up, and headed off to the Nutcracker that night. Dan surprised us by getting us a Limo, and we went to Radius for dinner. Radius is this amazing restaurant in the financial district that is so yummy. I'm drooling just recounting the meal. SO good. After dinner we went to see the nutcracker and it was beautifully done. I am still drooling over Herr Drosselmeier, even though I'm certain the dancer who portrayed him was very very gay, it doesn't matter. It's Herr Drosselmeier. After we saw the ballet, we walked to Blu and had dessert. I had the cheese dessert, and it was so good. The others had sorbets and cakes, but really the cheese platter was the way to go. Yum.
7. Sunday rolled around and we slept in, lounging around while Dan caught up on his sleep ( this was part of the no-sleep spiral for him ). Then we went to S&S to get breakfast, but there was a huge long ass wait to get in, and so we walked across the street to see if we could get into the Ryles for a jazz brunch, but that was a no-go too. A bus pulled in and we hopped on it, while digging for fare betwixt ourselves, and we went to Central Square and had breakfast at this little hole-in-the-wall diner called the Brookline Diner across the street from the Middle East club. The diner was fun to go to, although it was DIRTY. The tables were in odd shapes, as if someone had cut into them with a chainsaw, and were painted a bright yellow paint, that had been peeled back. We sat in the window, and it was scary to think about...there were so many electrical octopuses with tons of cords coming out of them. Our consolation was that we were near the door. We all ordered the same thing, and waited a LONG freaking time for the food to arrive, but when it did, it was surprisingly awesome. The eggs were eggs, but the home fries!! WOW. They had potatoes, asparagus tips, onions, tomatoes, and other vegetables all mixed together. They were WONDERFUL! And, in spite of all the dirt, no one got sick afterwards. We all headed home on the bus, humming the first few bars of Waltz of the flowers and then Naomi got ready to go. We took a cab to Kendall Square so she could take a picture of the Stata building for her photography class (her theme was architecture). The Stata is cool, it's a building that looks like something that Dr. Seuss would build.

Then we hopped on the red line, and switched to the silver line at South Station and rode the new Silver line to the airport. At the airport we couldn't stop holding each others hands and cried the whole time during check in. It was terrible. TERRIBLE. Then she finally made it through screening, where she stepped into a machine and they blew air up her butt. I couldn't leave the airport, it was so sad, I just stood there, talking to her on her cell and bawling my eyes out. Then we learned of the over booked flight, and all the bonuses that came with it for us, the best bonus was another day with Omi.

Yesterday I made french toast for breakfast, and then Omi and I went off at Dan's suggestion and had manicures. We then walked over to Boutique fabulous, and Naomi bought a pair of sunglasses and I bought a set of wine label coasters for Dan. And we walked to S&S so Na could get one last order of Cheese Blintzes. I had a cup of Hungarian Mushroom soup which was delicious and wonderful.

Then we came home, packed up, and just rested quietly before Mohammed came to pick us up to take us to the airport again. We didn't have the big emotional scene this time which was good, and she got off on her flight with no problems.

I got home via public transportation while Dan had dinner with the President of Deutsch bank, and I walked the dogs and then fed them. Dan came home and we were all curled up on the oriental rug watching "Meet the Fockers".

So, that's the quick bits. heh. This entry is huge ass. Sorry about that. :)
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I got the job!!!
I got the job!!!

It pays more than twice what I was making at WF and I get to sit down for more than an hour during the day!!!!

I got the job!!!!!!!!!

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Molly is definitely sick. She's got the Kennel Cough ( doggie cold). She takes 3 pills 3 times a day and 1 capsule 2 times a day. Poor little puppy.

She's now laying on the floor at my feet with her chin between her paws, looking at me out of the corner of her eye. The doctor even took her temperature. Poor little baby dog.

So, now I take a shower and then head off to MIT to meet up with Dan in the Tang center. Apparently they are honoring me for the work I did on the Halloween Party.

The after the Sloan meeting, I'm going to head off to meet with the employment agency in downtown Boston.

I'll gladly take a job that pays more than a couple dollars an hour more than my job at WF and doesn't make me stand for 8 hours a day.

Then I come back home and clean the fridge, and write up my final list for what I'm serving for Thanksgiving. I've gotten a turkey already, a mushroom/feta strudel, and several stuffed squash for the vegetarian friends we're having over. I'm definitely going to roast some brussels sprouts, and make sweet potato pies, and a pumpkin pie. Mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy are a given. What else is a must-have?

I'm going to have so much fun planning this!

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Last night I sat quietly, and looked through Gourmet magazine, reading how they suggest to roast a turkey.

I'm ready for it! I refuse to freak out that we're having 16 people here for Thanksgiving day.

Soooo... I'm not at work today because Molly has Kennel Cough. I have an app't with her vet in a few minutes. I'll return and post again after that, BUT, I'm looking forward to actually getting out and doing things today. I need to run to the local Whole Foods and pick up some sweets for the group at Sloan today.

I also called a temp agency and made an app't to come in today. :) The job market here is so hot, I could easily be working for a lot more money, and sitting down during the day! Standing up for 8 hours a day is killing me!

Welp! Off I go, dogs to the doggie doctor!

blame scruffybeast and salilus

I'm surprised big time by the results of this test!

You scored as Musical/Rhythmic. You are sensitive to sounds in your environment, enjoy music and prefer listening to music when you study or read. You learn best through melody and music. People like you include singers, conductors, composers, and others who appreciate the various elements of music.
















The Rogers Indicator of Multiple Intelligences
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Flippin' the bird

My friend Fritzling has had a spate of bad luck, starting with a broken finger.

I really felt bad for him, it sucks to be in pain and hung up because you can't move a finger. Well, I know a little more intimately about that situation now.

Yesterday at work I was moving a wooden tray table into a corner behind my register. I slammed the middle finger of my right hand between it and the wall.

It hurts like a sonofabitch and I didn't even break it. I am in a splint, because I did do some damage to the tendon in it, and it's put me off work for a few days until I can stand to use it again.

So, now I have this splint on my middle finger and I'm flipping the bird at everyone.

I wish that I had a 'tude to go with it, but I'm not even tudeful today.

Gary wants me to give up my share of hid retirement in lieu of him asking for child support. I am not feeling very good about that.

That doesn't even give me a tude.

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I'm thinking that I have been here, but I'm not posting.

Lessee what's new in Katy land.

I go to work. I come home and rest and eat dinner, take care of dogs and go to sleep. Then I wake up and go to work.

I work 6 freaking days this week!

Yesterday was my first 6 hour shift. That was a total surprise. I hosed up my breaks big time, and pissed off the floater. I apologized and made nice and things are better, but still. Ugh.

So, tonight Dan and Shiva are meeting at Legal Sea Foods for dinner. Shiva's wife and daughter will be there, and I'll pop in after work. I really hate Legal Sea Foods. I can't eat anything there, and I feel like a total moron when I tell the waiter, " I have a shellfish allergy, please let the chef know." Doh...I'm eating in a fish restaurant. Welcome to loser land Katy.

Anyway, that's what's going on here. I work until 9:30 tomorrow and have Sunday off. I'm sick of working weird hours. BUT I've asked for a pay raise, and that should help with my disgruntledness.

So, here's hoping that things are well with you all.

Lindalee!!!! I need your address again! Argh!


Local political rant, feel free to ignore

It looks like there is a local group of people who are trying to get the out of state tuition costs removed for children of illegal residents.

They are saying that they are tax paying residents because they have a tax id number.

Uh. No. Of course I live in the republic of Massachusetts so I wouldn't be surprised at all if this gets passed.

So, if you are undocumented, and you are running a cash business so that you won't draw attention to yourself and have to pay taxes, does this mean that you should be able to reap the benefits of being a resident of this state and your children be allowed to attend our colleges and universities at an in-state tuition rate? I don't think so. If you want to reap the benefits of in-state tuition, maybe try living your life HONESTLY and pay taxes so that your children will grow up with a sense of honesty in their lives.