Katy (katy_kate) wrote,

Dear bostonist

I love the pictures you post of your neigborhood, especially since it's my neighborhood too. I've begun to notice things that you post about are things that I see in my life and had already wondered if you were in this area because there were just too many coincidences.

I usually just glance at the posts, and when something catches my eye, I read it with interest. The pictures of the Christmas displays made me laugh because I had been wandering around the neighborhood with the dogs and we were feeling a little shock and awe about the things we were seeing, only to see your post about this the next day.

To my friends that take the time to read this, go to bostonistand check out the lovely displays in my neighborhood. Yeah, it's that good. The picture of the lovely Foodmaster, is the grocery store that we shop at with minimal success, if you like interesting veggies you are in the wrong place, and the meats look dubious on their best days,we lovingly call it the "food bag". It's definitely a small neighborhood grocery store with signs in the produce that obviously came off some fantastic grocery store site on the web, and printed out to include the most delightful signature, "store name" instead of "Johnny's Foodmaster". Yeah, it's that good, folks.

So, I'm now over the creepy feeling of wondering if you were living in my area, and I'm now examining faces, wondering if one of these lovely folks that pass me by in the neighborhood are you. Keep up the good work!

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